Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January NAQCC Sprint

First Sprint of the new year. I started on 80m. I thought I would hold my ground and call CQ for a while as a strategy. Like last time K3WWP was the first contact and then I decided to cozy up to him and call CQ. After things dried up, I did S & P for a while and then decided to go to 40m. QRN and QRM were there in spades and I only found a couple of stations calling CQ. The CA station could not hear me. I managed one contact on 40m. I was on 20m briefly and finding no one - went back to 80m. Managed 20 QSO's for 1040 pts for 2nd place so far but all the logs are not in . I don't know how he does it but K4ORD managed 45 QSO's. SInce I am not here to win but to improve my skills - still had fun. K2 is still holding its own.

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