Sunday, October 13, 2013

#186 DXCC Saint Helena ZD7VC

Saint Helena is a tiny island off the western coast of Africa in the Atlantic. The bearing is towards the southern tip of Africa - Capetown. Matt WM4AA was over helping me setup the hex-beam. So for the first time I might be sending out forward power at 6dBi. We saw Saint Helena on a spot in the DX Cluster and he was having a long ragchew allowing us to set-up the linear for 1500 watt output on 20m as he was on 14160 SSB. When he finally finished the QSO we discovered there were a lot of of people piled and waiting. A huge pileup ensued - and we threw out my call sign Norway Yankee Four Germany - twice. He returned with proper phonetics - November Yankee Four Golf and QSO started. We had a nice short chat and complimented the strength of my signal. Nice to have a first call QSO on SSB. Saint Helena station ZD7VC only QSL's direct.

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