Friday, October 25, 2013

#190 to #194 Five New DXCC in one evening

Propagation was great last night.  It will be a few days before we pay for all this ionization when the CME hits.  Meanwhile 10 meters has been very good as I have been able to work Asian and African stations.

#189 China - I actually worked a couple of Chinese stations - one on 15 meters and one on 20 meters - the second one BY9GA was very strong

#190 Lesotho  7P8GF

#191 Ascension Island - I had been trying to work the pile ups on station ZD8O for a few days without much success until last night

#192 India - I worked a couple of Indian stations VU2RAK and VU3WIJ on the phone portion of the 20 meter band.

#193 Zambia station 9J2BO was found on 40 meters just before going to bed.

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