Sunday, October 20, 2013

QSO with KG9HV - 5370 miles per watt

Propagation was great today.  KG9HV was calling CQ on the QRP watering hole on 20m at 14062.  I was waiting for a SOTA station from a spot.  John, the station Op was running an ATS570 at 5 watts.  We decided to back down to 100 milliwatts and carried on the conversation.  He gave me a 549 signal report and was still at 100% copy.  I cannot back down the K2 any less than 1 tenth of a watt.  So this is my personal best within the continental United States for carrying on a conversation from SC to Indiana 537 miles at 100 milliwatts.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the FB QRP QSO, Ariel. Low-Power is amazing. I worked a QRPp
    station in LA this fall and he was running 20mw. QRP is great fun!
    CUL 73
    John KG9HV