Sunday, April 12, 2015

DXpedition with less than 100 Lbs of Gear

Took Inventory of All my gear and practiced set-up and take down.  So let us break it down

Steppir Bag - Weight 16.4 lbs
Contents - 16 ft. fiberglass pole, 6 foot extension pole, 80-2m radiator unit,  80-2 radial unit, tensioning arms, clamps, small roll of gorilla tape, back up end fed antenna, 60 feet of RG-8 coaxial cable

Rig Box- Pelican 1520 case  21.67 lbs - with Shock Mounted KX3, PX3, and KXPA100, capable of 100 watts using a Gamma Research Power Supply, KI0BK Powergate, Palm Pico Paddle

Pack - 32.36 lbs and contains the following:
Computer Laptop, External Keyboard (wireless), Heil Pro-7,  Stereo Speakers powered by USB, Winkeyer USB, Antenna Analyzer, Extra Coupler, AA batteries, 24 A-h LiFePO4, 30W Powerfilm Solar Panel, Tripod for Radial Unit, Tripod for SteppIR CrankIR, Camp Chair, Tent, Camp Table, Battery Charger

Total Weight 75 lbs

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