Monday, April 27, 2015

Testing DXpedition Antennas

I got a chance to play with the vertical dipole array cut for 10m and turned out very well.  There is a resonance dip at 27300 kC as I cut the wires too long intentionally. I ran the math to move the dip to 28300 and will need to test it out again before I move on to the other bands.  Gifts from several hams W1TEF, NJ4F and K4JPG allowed me to purchase a 12m Spiderbeam pole.  That pole is a good performer. A picture of the VDA is shown below.  This antenna design has been used in several DXpeditions and even contest stations.  It was used in the "Microlite" DXpeditions to South Georgia Island VP8GEO and South Sandwich Island VP8THU near the Antartic.  It was also used in Ducie Island VP6DX.  It is also used in the contest station CN2AA in Morocco.  They are very effective seaside antennas.

Here I am with the pack of goods I have to carry.  I reduced payload by about 5 pounds from here.

Here is my tent arrangement below.  Yes, that is a solar panel resting on the tent rainfly.  It is Powerfilm and puts out a full 30 watts (its rating) under direct sun.  I was able to run the radio without the voltage dropping below 13V for about 6 hours.  

Here is the rig in the tent

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