Monday, June 1, 2015

FP DXpedition Update - Planned Operating Frequencies

Operations will be SPLIT at all times.  Listen for where I am listening or any directions I will provide.  My planned operating frequencies are the following +/- QRM : 





40 m

  7'016 kHz

  7'146 kHz

  7'046 kHz

30 m

10'126 kHz

      - - -

10'142 kHz

20 m    

14'026 kHz

14'276 kHz

14'082 kHz

17 m

18'086 kHz

18'146 kHz

18'106 kHz

15 m

21'026 kHz

21'276 kHz

21'082 kHz

12 m

24'906 kHz

24'946 kHz

24'926 kHz

10 m

28'026 kHz

28'546 kHz

28'086 kHz

This has also been posted in the FP/NY4G website at the following link

This blog will be a mirror site to the website above.  It will be likely that updates appear here before they appear on the website.

I have secured a Microsoft Surface as the main DXpedition computer.  I have configured it to run N1MM and have tested its operation during the CQ WW WPX Contest during which it ran 7 hours straight on the internal batteries.

The WPX was also good practice.  

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