Sunday, June 28, 2015

Field Day 2015

Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts
     7  CW      145    290
    14  CW     110.    220
    14 RTTY     1      2
    21  CW.     13     26
    28  CW      1     2
Total  Both   270   540
Score: 1080
To me Field Day is about setting up a radio infrastructure where there is none.  Our Field Day setup is at a beach house on Holden Beach NC.
We had three antennas - a portable hex beam mounted to the hitch of my truck, an end fed random wire, and a CrankIR.  Our call was K4J.  We worked 4 SC station, N4AW, W4IT, N4EE, and K4NAB.  We worked Mexico, Croatia and PR.  One lesson learned was on the proximity of the antennas to each other because of the small lot causing RFI.  The only way out of our dilemma was to either work S&P or work multi single.  We did both.  We will likely need isolation filters for next time or take shifts.
We had very strong winds sometimes gusting to 40 to 50 mph.  The guys on the CrankIR took a beating and we had to monitor the tension.  The EFHW was on top of a shortened Spiderbeam pole at 30 feet on one end and at the 3rd story deck on the other.  The hexbeam survived the wind but only because the mast was lowered.  The ops were NY4G and WM4AA.
We had fun as always and had a good nights sleep despite despite a broken AC.

WM4AA (Matt Collier) station

NY4G station

Overlooking the InterCoastal.  The CrankIR had 3 guys and performed well hearing west coast stations.

The ocean is 500 feet away in the foreground

Spiderbeam pole - unguyed but clamped to the ground with bungees

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