Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Quest for #275

There is nothing magical about #275.  But you do get another sticker from the ARRL at this milestone.  After 275 it is a long slog.  The ARRL recognizes this and issues stickers after 300 every 5 DXCC entities.  Even 5 DXCC can take years to get at this stage.I consider myself fortunate to having line of sight to 275 after 5 years of DX Chasing

#266 XW1IC Laos confirmed in LOTW
#267 YB4IR/9 Indonesia 30m Confirmed in LOTW
#268 TI9/3Z9DX Cococ Island  QSL card received
#269 ST2NH Sudan QSL Sent
#270 E6ZS Niue Card Received
#271 JG8NQJ/JD1 Minami Torishima QSL Card Received

The only other new ones will come from

T31LP Central Kiribati June 2015 (offshore no good for DXCC)
JA0JHQ/VK9C Cocos Keeling September 19-25, 2015
RI1FJ Franz Josef Land - more details soon
TX3X Chesterfield Islands in  October 2015
3W3MD Vietnam October 2015
VK9WA Willis Island November 2015
T2GC Tuvalu September 2015
Z21MG Zimbabwe September 2015
3C7GIA Equatorial Guinea October 2015
3Y0F Bouvet Island December 2015

2016 Brings a whole bunch to the fore

KH5/p Palmyra Islands in January 2016
VP8SGI South Georgia Islands also in January
P5 North Korea (a long shot for me as this is a single person SSB only)
VP8STI South Sandwich
FT/j Juan de Nova in March 2016
VK0EK Heard Island in March of 2016
VK9C Cocos Keeling in March 2016
CY9 Saint Paul Island July 2016

Discounting P5, I can be at 284 by spring 2016.  Hopefully I can get lucky with Mount Athos and Nepal  along the way

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