Monday, July 6, 2015

K2L - 13 Colonies July 4th Week Special Event

K2L 2015 Totals

NN4F 4516 - QRT
K4DMR 4140 - QRT
KI4LXH 1009 - QRT
KG4IGC 2563 - QRT
KG4IGC 33 (PSK31 seperate log)
NK4I 303 (all PSK) - QRT
NY4G 917 - QRT
N4IQ 1100 - QRT
WN4AFP 1070 - QRT

Totals  15,651

Paul Jones NN4F wrote

The 13 Colonies Special event is over, our group from SC operated as K2L (Kilo Two Lima) from SC and we had 8 operators throughout the week, and we made 15,651 contacts across the country and around the world... what a great time we had....last year we made 17,139 contacts, so a little less, but the band conditions weren't as good this year or so it seemed... but fun was had by all, representing the 13 colonies, honoring all the veterans and service people, but the outstanding part, we had so many God Bless America's.... that's what it's all about....

I was one of those Kilo Two Lima (K2L) stations representing South Carolina in the 13 Colonies Special Event. It was great working under Paul Jones NN4F leadership. He had been sick and recuperated enough to operate. When he did operate, he operated with a vengeance. Between Paul, Doug, Brian, Tighe and Frank accounted for 12000+ contacts. As one of the three newcomers in the group I contributed 917 along with Bill N4IQ and Dave WN4AFP for about 2400 more. We think we won the state competition. One of the NC (K2J) ops made over 5000 contacts. They call him QSO Cyborg. He may well win the top operator award

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