Wednesday, July 8, 2015

First Day Operating as NY4G/VY2

The trials and tribulations of taking control of unfamiliar equipment was upon us but Bill Chartier was up to the challenge.

The summary for operation is 318 Qs from me and 100 from Bob ND7J/VY2

The following are some antenna farm pics

This is the 40m yogi at 145 feet from two vantage points

This next one is the three stacked 20m yogis.  The top one has 6 elements.  The lowest one is always pointed at Europe.

The next is a pic of the 80m 4 square which has elevated radials.

This is the three stack 15m yagis.  There is also a stack of 10m yagis not shown. 

There are a couple of 160m phased verticals.

The receive antennas are shared apex loop arrays from Array Solutions

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