Thursday, July 16, 2015

Update - Day 4 from St. Pierre

I saw on the propagation map of possible opening to VK and ZL.  VK3EW had a very nice signal.  I even thought he was K3EW.  No - he confirmed he was from VK.

I started calling CQ again and heard a very faint signal in the noise.  Turning on the APF I could distinctly make out the ZL and his whole call.  We spent about 10 minutes calling each other.

That was the highlight of the morning.  Other than that the high bands were not that good yet.

I met Jean Pierre Carrere FP5CJ for lunch.  That is his tower with a trap rotatable dipole.  He is a very nice man.  He took me around the island.

Here I am at the west side of St. Pierre overlooking Langlade.

QSO count over 900 and Clublog uploaded.  

I worked another famous DXer - Nigel Cawthorne G3TXF - winner of the Cass Award.

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