Wednesday, July 8, 2015

13 Colonies Results Are In - Beat Last Year Despite Geomagnetic Storms

WE KILLED LAST YEAR BY +17,438 QSO'S!         TOTAL QSO'S FOR 2015 IS 126,296! 

GREAT job By all! Here is a state by state breakdown and the award winners:

K2A/NY  7456 (+2410)                       STATE CHAMPS:   K2L/South Carolina 15651
K2B/VA  9514 (+2798)                       HF HIGH POWER: AB1OC K2K/NH   6873  Fred Kemmerer
                                                        HF LOW POWER: N4YDU K2J/NC     5402  Nate Moreschi

K2C/RI   8154 (+1262)                       HF LOW POWER:  KD4MR K2L/SC  4140   Doug Ricafrente
K2D/CT  9688 (+1185)                       QRP (.05-10W):   W4QO K2G/GA  1034   Jim Stafford
K2E/DE  8273 (+719)                         CLUB UNLIMITED: K3MJW K2M/PA  6213  Skyview Radio Society
K2F/MD  9952 (+1286)
K2G/GA  9160 (+795)                        WM3PEN BONUS STATION:  5541 
K2H/MA  7880 (+799)                        GB13COL:  No Data yet!
K2I/NJ    8593 (+2399)
K2J/NC 12002 (+1910)                       State #1-K2L/SC
K2K/NH 10292 (+1271)                               #2-K2J/NC
K2L/SC  15651 (-1488)                               #3-K2K/NH
K2M/PA   9681 (+2082)                               #4-K2F/MD

Great job by everyone! I was SO suprised, I treated my self to McDonalds! 
Who would ever guess that we did so well based on the conditions and solar flares!
Next year (2016) We will add another award for Just CW/Unlimited because there was a lot
of CW activity. My keyer broke and had to run with an old military straight Key-Terrible!

Please be patient for the awards, It take time to order and ship.

Best 73' and congratulations to all! Every year we get Bigger!

ken Villone
Event Manager

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