Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Update from St. Pierre - Day 3

QSO count now at 671.   Percent uniques still high at 88%.

I finally got the RCA cord for the keyer.  It is so much easier now as the computer does the heavy lifting.

Notable QSOs

3Z9DX - Dom the leader of the DXpedition to Cocos (TI9) and the solo op for P5 
FP5CJ - Jean Paul Carrere - one of the few hams from the island of Saint Pierre
W4DJW - sponsor from Greer
K4SV - first contact with Dave Anderson from Tryon
K4MMS - Ron Malone first contact
W4IXX - Phil ditto
N4IQ - Bill ditto

First run on 17m today.  30m continues to be a hot band as well and my favorite.  It appears dead until you call CQ on it.

Log uploaded to Clublog. I will do LOTW when I return and log scrubbed. 

More typical weather today, started out cold and damp with drizzle and fog.

The PX3 was a great aid in working the pileups.  KXPA heat sink getting hot but not complaining.  With the heavy duty heat sink on the KX3 - no problems there.


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