Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jean Pierre Carrere FP5CJ to the Rescue

From my previous post you have learned that my Gamma Research power supply main board bit the dust.  No resettable fuse.  At least, the guys at Gamma Research promised to repair it for free when I return.  The little power supply at least did a yeoman's job of getting 1700 QOs in the log.

I did not have many options but to call Jean Pierre on the telephone.  He was having lunch at the time.  He answered "Ariel - how are you? in English".  I said "Jean Pierre- I have a problem - mon power supply n'est marche pas.  Can you lend me a power supply till the end?"  He said "I will bring a power supply after lunch.  About 2:00 PM, he promptly showed up and lent me his brand new Alinco DM-330MV.  The same that I have at home which has given me good service.

I stripped the power poles from one end and in 5 minutes I was back in business.  However, the moisture from the salt air and moisture was wreaking havoc with power line noise and there was a steady high pitched 1000 Hz hum that was S3.  I decided to get a late lunch in town to see if the wind can dry off the power lines a little later.

That came to fruition as 30m had dead quiet background noise.  I called CQ on 30m and there was a non stop pileup for 2 hours.  That afternoon and evening I was able to make 330 or so contacts between 30m and 40m bands

Later that evening, I just got in bed about 11:30 and I got a text from Paul W4FC.  W4FC said, "Ken W4HKZ and Jimmy N4MMW are QRV on 20m phone at 14277.  Their noise floor has dropped to S3.  Are you willing to give it a try" I texted back and said "Yes, I will go out into the wet and windy night, retune the antenna from 40m to 20m and will be QRV in 10 minutes."  So I put my goin outside clothes on and retuned the radiator and counterpoise for 20m.  Murphy always chooses the best moments to try to foil me.  The counterpoise wires got tangled in the reels.  I said to myself, don't panic and slow down.  Surely, I was able to untangle the counterpoise wire went back inside and turned the VFO to 14277 USB.  "CQ Whiskey Four Hotel Kilo Fox from Fox Papa Stroke November Yankee Four Golf - are you there?  I heard , "yes Ariel, you are about 5 and 5 hear in South Carolina, this is Jimmy N4MMW".  I said "Jimmy you are also 5 by 5 here - where is Ken?"  It turned out Ken was on the wrong antenna.  Then I heard "This is Ken, you are 5x5 here Ariel".  I answered back - "good Ken - you are also 5x5"  I also said "When the weather is good here in the summer in Saint Pierre, it is like late spring in South Carolina.  When the weather is bad here, it like winter in South Carolina about 40 Fahrenheit, windy and wet.  Tonight is one of theose nights.  I am going back to bed 73"

Later I got a note from Paul that I have a couple of happy hams from Taylors SC.  That surely made my day as well.

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