Friday, April 3, 2015

New DXCC ATNOs and K1N Just Confirmed in LOTW

The first bit of good news is the confirmation of Navassa on all 9 bands in LOTW.  This brings the total confirmed on 12m to 92 and the candidate pool for 100 DXCC on 12m to 109.  If I can just confirm 7 of the 16.

Prime candidates for 12m DXCC are as follows:

ZL7E Chatham Island #96 Confirmed in Clublog
PJ2/VE7ACN Curacao #94 Confirmed in LOTW
AT150ITU India #93 Confirmed in LOTW
PQ0T Trindade and Martim Vaz #95 Confirmed in Clublog
E30FB Eritrea #97 Confirmed in Clublog
V21ZG Antigua and Barbuda #98 Confirmed in LOTW
TG9AHM Guatemala #99 Card
ZD7FT St. Helena #100 Card

VP2/N2IEN British Virgin Islands
HI3TEJ Dominican Republic
HA3NU Hungary
PJ4A Bonaire
V63YY Micronesia

ATNOs are as folows:

#259 Singapore 9V1YC Confirmed LOTW
#260 Dem Republic of Congo 9Q0HQ  Confirmed in LOTW
#261 Navassa K1N Confirmed LOTW
#262 Uzbekistan UK8AR confirmed in LOTW
#263 Pakistan AP2NK Card
#264 Malawi 7QAA Confirmed in LOTW
#265 Cocos Island TI9/3Z9DX
#266 Trindade and Martim Vaz PQ0TConfirmed in LOTW
#267 Sudan ST2NH
#268 Niue E6ZS
#269 Minami Torishima JG8NQJ/JD1

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