Friday, September 25, 2015

#277 In the Log - Cocos Keeling

This took a bit of work finding his pattern.  He was on 20m CW on 14.016 moving around in a somewhat predictable pattern.  Being a solo operation at 200 watts with not the biggest antennas - this was really a lot of work.  Hearing him answer clearly with my call was well worth the work

JA0JHQ/VK9C has gone QRT as of today 9/27/2015.  The information below is from his blog:

Sep/19  18MhzCW=154
Sep/20  21MhzCW=519 , 21MhzSSB=1  ,18MhzCW=1 : Condition was "FAIR !"
Sep/21  21MhzCW=418 ,14MhzCW=82 , 21MhzSSB=1, 14MhzSSB=2 
Sep/22  18MhzCW=325, 14MhzSSB=5 , 14MhzCW=3 ,10MhzCW=1
Sep/23  14MhzCW=93 , 14MhzSSB=2
              18MHZCW=278 : Condition was not good for 18Mhz before noon
Sep/24  10MhzCW=1 india !   18MhzCW=1
              24MhzCW=119 , 21MhzCW=159 14MhzCW=164
              SN=98  : Condition was  good for high bands !
Sep/25  24MhzCW=71,21MhzCW=197,28MhzCW=91,14MhzCW=281
Sep/26  24MhzCW=2 ,28MhzCW=1

I am glad to be one of the 281 20m QSO's on the 25th.  55% of the QSO's were to JA stations.

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