Monday, September 7, 2015

Main Operating Station

Position 1 is the K2/100
Position 2 is the KX3/KXPA100 combo
Position 3 is the TS50 with its own dedicated power supply

Three amplifiers can be mixed and matched with any of the rigs through the StationPro2 master controller.  The 3 amplifiers consist of an Elecraft KPA500, a Drake L4B, and a Dentron ClippertonL.  All three rigs can be keyed from a single Winkeyer USB via the StationPro.  Paddle duties are carried out by an N3ZN single lever paddle.  There are 2 external speakers driven by the StationPro.  The main powersupply is a PowerWerx which supplies DC power to the K2 and KX3 and the peripherals.  Thre is a 4 position remote antenna switch, which switches between the Hexbeam, the Vertical and the Inverted V.  Position 4 is a spare on the switch is occasionally used for experimental or portable antennas.   The headset is a Heil Pro 7 through a tube headset amplifier (glowing blue tube.  The K9AY is on full time but only the KX3 and the K2 have receive only ports.   There are dedicated autot,users for each of the 3 rigs up to 100w but 99% of the time the big Palstar handles the tuning duties.  Everything has been turned on except for the Dentron.  I still have to recap the power supply capacitors on it - in time for the 160m season this winter.  That will be a fall project.

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