Sunday, September 27, 2015

W4DXCC 2015

Reunion with Krish W4KUV.  Krish gave a talk on the VU4KV expedition to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Krish with W4FC Paul Greaves. Paul hanging on to his prize - a Windows Tablet.

Me with fellow Swamp Fox Ted McDonald K7OM.   Ted has many radio amateur accomplishments - including #1 Honor Roll, 5 Band WAZ, 5 Band DXCC.

Vladimir N3CZ with his home brew loop for 20m.

The gathering at Calhouns.  Everybody had a blast.  In the group are Tom Witherspoon K4SWL, Howard W4PH, Phil AC4Q, Scott Carter KW4JM, Vlado N3CZ, Bob ND7J and Bill N4IQ with me taking the picture.

The whole thing was a blast.  Here are just a few highlights:

(1) Ed Benkis W2HTI (and fellow NCDXCC member) was the last man standing when it came time to honor the person with the most DXCC at 391

(2) Bernie W3UR (Of Daily DX fame) was the last man standing when it came time to honor the person with the most Challenge points at 3195

(3) Phil Florig W9IXX won a $700 discount towards an Expert SPE Linear Amplifier.

4) I won an Elecraft cap - kind of apropos to the Elecraft junkie that I am.

The contingent from the upstate included Fred K9PIN, George W4BUW, Paul W4FC, Bill N4IQ,  Bob ND7J, Phil AC4Q, Scott Carter KW4JM, Tom K4SWL, Howard W4PH, Dave Anderson K4SV, Sue Anderson, Ed W2HTI and Eileen KO4DI Benkis, Vlad N3CZ, Phil W9IXX, Gary Wise W8EEY, Lynn W4NL and Rosie Lamb KA4S, Jeff K4JAB, and Ron K4SSM,  I am quite sure I forgot a few.

Aside from Phil, none of us won anything big but we contributed towards future DXpeditions.  The boot camp was great and so were the presentations.  I also met Bob Barden MD0CCE from the Isle of Man (who I worked many a time from W4 and also  FP) who gave a talk with Alex Bartshore GD6IA  on "Working the World from EU".

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