Saturday, January 23, 2016

Antenna for QRP Portable Operation and CC&R Challenged - NY4G Inverted L


Multi-band coverage 40-6 meters
Near the performance of a dipole on 20m-10m
Better than a ground plane vertical on 30m
Equivalent to a ground plane vertical on 40m
Portable - system weight - about 8 lbs  including tripod and mast
No need for trees
Set up time - 15 minutes or less

Some images from the presentation I made to the South Carolina DX Association.   The reference for comparison is the half wave dipole at half wave length AGL as shown by the slide below:

The first configuration for the inverted L is the one that should be employed near the ocean to take good advantage of the ground characteristics and the ocean's reflectivity.  Theses are the results of my models using EZNRC 5.0

The next configuration is that which should be employed in general away from the ocean - parks, at home, etc.

The following slide shows the schematic arrangement of the antenna for general purpose use.

Detailed instructions

Well the final question is - does it play in real life?

A side by side comparison against conventional antennas - a hexbeam and a full size ZS6BKW at 50 ft in an inverted Vee

The following is a video of a QSO with the Azores with me transmitting at 5 watts on a KX3

How to Build

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