Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 1 - Five Down and 95 to Go

The QRP Challenge has started for me and 10 others.

Right around 00:00 UTC the geomagnetic storms made for bad conditions and the DX cannot hear my answers to their CQ.  I resorted to calling CQ myself to see who would answer.  The result is K5NOF answering my call. This is DXCC #1

The following morning still on the first day - made DXCC  #2  to Slovenia.  This was an easy exchange as noted by the shortness of the video.

DXCC Number 3 is to France F5IN and was also a rather easy one in the video below:

DXCC Number 4 was with Antigua and Barbuda V25LK and took four minutes before he even acknowledged me.

DXCC Number 5 was with the Canary Islands with a German Operator EA8/DH2MS.  This was a knock down drag out fight.  It took 4 minutes before he even acknowledged me.

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