Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 2 - Three More - 92 to Go on QRP Challenge

DXCC #6 was with HP1IBF - and was a long drawn out 8 minute plus attempt at a QSO which finally succeeded at the end.  My fist or my brain finally broke down as I stuttered my way through.

DXCC #7 was with WP4L in Puerto Rico and this was more of a routine QSO

DXCC#8 was with PV8ADI in Brazil.  At first he did not want to do nything with me and just kept saying OK.  20 minutes later - he dug me out of the noise and worked me.

One of the things that one will realize when attempting to DX with QRP is that what is essential are several things that must happen simultaneously (1) Persistence and tenacity on the part of the QRPer (2) patience on the side of the DX to stop, try to dig you out and also be persistent on his end (3) Propagation and signal strength must be sufficient to support the copy of the signals.  If any of the above does not happen, the QSO does not take place.   It takes practice and judgement when the QRPer should give up on the QSO and cut his losses.

Some of these did not count - the one with VE3UTT was with the wrong call sign on my end.  The one with SP3DOF had the wick turned up to 10 watts.

My log as of Day 2

Youtube videos of each QSO is available on my YouTube Channel

Callsign QSO date QSO start time Band Mode Country RST sent RST rcvd
WP4L 1/2/2016 22:49:42 30m CW Puerto Rico 599 599
PV8ADI 1/2/2016 22:25:43 20m CW Brazil 599 599
PV8ADI 1/2/2016 21:44:06 20m CW Brazil 599 599
VE3UTT 1/2/2016 21:36:13 20m RTTY Canada 599 599
HP1IBF 1/2/2016 21:06:32 20m CW Panama 579 529
SP3DOF 1/2/2016 15:09:58 17m CW Poland 599 339
EA8/DH2MS 1/1/2016 16:42:37 15m CW Canary Is. 599 539
V25LK 1/1/2016 16:41:27 17m CW Antigua & Barbuda 599 599
F5IN 1/1/2016 16:11:44 15m CW France 599 599
S58N 1/1/2016 1:30:15 17m CW Slovenia 599 599
K5NOF 1/1/2016 0:54:24 40m CW United States 599 599

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