Friday, August 19, 2016

All Time New One #295 Franz Josef Land

Latest Update:  Eugeny (UA4RX) is now back in Russia and his log has been uploaded to Clublog.  Eugeny has very good ears and even my first 30m contact (prior to the insurance contact) has been logged.  Thank you Eugeny for an all time new one.  Victor UA2FM is his QSL manager and promises to answer QSL requests within a week of receipt.  No amateur radio activity from FJL is expected over  the next twelve months.

Original post: RI1FJ has been lurking out there for the past few days but has been very elusive.  He is usually spotted by Russians and Northern Europeans.  He seems to get into Japan quite often and occasionally VK land.  I have never seen him spotted by a US station.  This morning I saw him spotted by a French station and decided to go for a listen.  He was very very weak but he was there calling CQ on my 30m loop. I sent out my call sign several times and heard the familiar AGN.  I sent my call a few more times and heard him say NY4G NY4G 559 559 TU 73.  I then sent him TU DE NY4G 5NN 5NN TU 73 and I heard him come back CFM 73.  This should be the one for the book.

6/29/2016 10102 CW 10:25
7/11/2016 14004 CW 22:23 coming in like gang busters into the east coast -one call
7/21/2016 18091 CW 15:09 loud into the east coast

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