Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wait A Minute - I Thought This Was About Amateur Radio

Yes it still is about amateur radio - but not all the time.  Yes - and from time to time I will post discussions related to amateur radio.  But amateur radio is not my sole passion nor is it the most important pursuit of my life.  Amateur radio and the science related to it is fascinating but very important to me is the ability to convince skeptics into a world view, a perspective that is shaped in the pursuit of truth as supported by the "scriptures".   The one premise that I hold to is that the writings written by the ancient Jews in the Hebrew language, that is Moses et al, and the writings by the eyewitnesses who lived in the time of Jesus, which was in the Greek language are inherently inerrant and a revelation of truth.   I choose words carefully because words have meaning but care must be taken in the context and the true meaning of the words used.    How we see the world and how we interact with it is shaped by our understanding of it.   So sufficient for now is to let my readers  know that there is a "changing of the guard" on the nature of my posts.   For those readers who anticipate amateur radio related content - do not despair there will be sprinklings of it along the way.  Until next time.

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