Saturday, August 20, 2016

CY9C Saint Paul Island DXpedition #296 All Time New One

August 22
80m 3523 CW 09:46 UTC
30m 10114 CW 02:45 UTC

August 21
160m 1820 - 500w 01:34 UTC

August 20
20m 14014.5 - CW - One Call 13:14 UTC
17m 18077 - CW- 14:00 UTC

With the distance a mere 1400 plus miles, it is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel even with many callers.   A little bit of listening pays off to identify where in the bandpass the DX operator is listening.   I hear a lot of callers calling randomnly.  This is how I am able to make a contact with one or two calls.

August 19 Update:
The operators have landed on the island with very limited equipment.  The radio gear transport has been delayed by heavy rain, rough seas and thunderstorms.  VFR conditions not currently present to fly into either operating site via helicopter.  Rough seas are preventing the landing of two boats to unload gear.

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