Monday, September 12, 2016

A Matter of Days - The Genesis Debate

There is a YouTube video, that is comprised of many segments stitched together that totals up to 3 hours and 45 minutes.  On one side is the side comprised of Dr. Hugh Ross, astronomer and president of Reasons to Believe, who ascribe to an "old earth" account of creation and Dr. Walter Kaiser, professor of Old Testament and one of the translators of the New International Version of the bible.  On the other side is Ken Ham, leader of the ministry - Answers in Genesis, and Dr. Lisle, another astronomer.  Both sides present an impassioned plea to ascribe to their points of view.  It got heated but remained civil.  This video, if one has the patience to listen to all three plus hours, shows both sides of the debate by those who passionately espouse their points of view.

I agree with Dr Walter Kaiser's point of view that it is somewhat precarious to be a hard liner on the 24 day point of view, when scripture does not present a clear (beyond reasonable doubt) formula for it.  His point is that there are six distinct time periods for the creative acts by God that were performed.  The important point is not how long it took God to perform these "acts of creation" but that it is God that performed it.  Hour 2:36 is where Dr. Kaiser states his position clearly.  Ken Ham is clearly on the defensive in this video.  I think both views are equally compelling, though one may be in error, in the grand scheme, is not central to the essential message of the gospel.

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