Saturday, September 3, 2016

Achieving Balance in Our Lives

This blog post is also inspired by the blog post of n6pse and what has been happening in my life over the past few months:

Many months ago, I also went through a similar awakening after having received a nasty  e-mail from a fellow radio amateur who I thought for years was a friend.   I questioned why I was putting in untold hours in front of the radio trying to pursue the achievements portrayed in pieces of paper.  I was focused and I was successful but at what cost - neglect of my wife and family? So i decided to withdraw from amateur radio in palpable and significant ways.  I took the 2 meter rig out of the truck.  For a while I enjoyed having an HF rig in the truck to make CW QSOs while driving to work.  I stopped that too.  So my forays in radio contesting, DX chasing or otherwise have been drastically reduced. 

I measured my progress in terms of numbers and time elapsed and it still is a struggle for me to find that balance between investing my time in this hobby and other meaningful, worthwhile and even enjoyable things,  I just have to keep reminding myself about what is truly important.  I also realized that the achievement of others came at substantial cost in time and money and I simply did not have the resources nor the willingness to pay the price.  I simply have to be satisfied by the capabilities of my "little pistol station" and the amount of time  I can truly afford to pursue what remaining interest I have in amateur radio.  I also believe that the time is ripe for a major pullback.  DXCC entities after 300 are very few and far between.  I have no desire anymore  to get to 1500 Challenge points.  The 160 meter DXCC is still a challenging one but it requires waking up early and staying up late.  

So to the readers of my blog - I would just ask you who spend considerable time in your shack and away from your family to take a second look at what price you are paying,  in the quest for a certain number of DXCC, Honor Roll, Challenge status, and to take time to cherish what you have and enjoy those around you.

I’ve sincerely enjoyed doing my Blog these past six  years. As evidenced by the change in my blog title, the focus of what I write on has changed and reflects my quest to determine what is important -  in finding balance, truth, and meaning.  The science of amateur radio still fascinates me and provides a backdrop in the wonder of why God created this universe and my place in it.


  1. Hi Ariel, thanks for your post. I discovered this already years ago but see that other fanatic HAMs do have the same issues as most of us in life. The radio hobby is intriguing but we have to balance things. My blog helps me to balance things as well. I'm not searching the things you search in life, at least not at this point. But still like to read your blog. 73, Bas

    1. Bas, Yes - my blog helps me keep things in perspective. Thanks for the comments. Ariel NY4G

  2. Ariel,

    Wonderful post. It is indeed a balancing act, but if you always put God and family first, the rest will work itself out. Amateur Radio has been a passion and a hobby for me since 1978 - but in all that time, I always made sure that God and family came first. Thank the Lord, He still found ways for me to allow me to enjoy this great hobby! I don't have 5 Band Worked All States, I don't have 5 Band DXCC. I will never make the DXCC Honor Roll - and that's just fine. I enjoy the little time I get to spend behind the radio and am content with that. Many have more - but many also have less.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

    1. Larry, Thanks for reading my post and for your comments. Ariel NY4G