Saturday, September 24, 2016

ATNO #299 H44GC Solomon Islands

The latest ATNO #299 H44GC Solomon Islands  is in the log.  Emil DL8JJ was coming in workable  into 4 land on 20m CW about S2 with th pre-amp off but noise floor was low.  I worked him long path.  I was able to get him with one call at 21:06 UTC on 9/26.  VOACAP did not predict propagation on 20m long path.  I actually had the antenna pointed at 36 degrees which is really a skewed path since long path is about 100 degrees.   The contact is confirmed in Clublog.

A second contact was made on 15m on 21015 KHz at 23:00 UTC on 9/27

On Deck:

There does not appear to have any plans to activate 4U1UN in 2016 and it is almost October.  So I have removed the possibility of working that station in 2016.

#300 5U7RK Niger - September to November 2016
#301 T31T Central Kirabati - October 4 - Oct 30 - 3 Operators led by 3Z9DX
#302 XU7MDC Cambodia - November 4-14, 2016'
#302 XU7AEC Cambodia - Russian team Nov 16-Dec 5, 2016
#303 TL8AO Central African Republic - November 10-22, 2016
#304 Nepal being planned second half of October - with SP9FIH as 9N7CC, SP2FUD as 9N7FD, SP9FIH as 9N7WE.

2017 is looking very lean right now with Baker and Howland Island being the only one as a needed country

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