Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ATNO #300 5U7RK

I have placed Yves Collet F5PRU who operates out of Niger as 5U7RK on my watch list.    I programmed my phone to receive text messages once he is spotted by someoe in one of the many DX clusters.  (how is that for the new technology?) I may have received 3 or 4 spots in the last few weeks but it has never been convenient to look for him since I am still a working man - working the typical 8 AM- 5 PM routine with an hour commute at each end.  

Well as luck would have it, I finally logged  5U7RK at 1754 UTC on 17m 18.083 on 10/5/2016.  I first saw spot for him on 12 meter around noon.  I quickly deployed my inverted L from my portable setup from my truck while at my parents house and listened on my K2 - nothing heard.   I saw another spot on 17m while stopped at a gas station and this time I can hear him.  2 QRMers stayed on the DX transmit frequency while I was 1 KHz up.  I heard him answer in the middle of the QRM and returned my reply.  The operator,  a Frenchman working 100 watts to a wire was a good operator disposing of the small pileup in good order.  He uploads his QSO's to Clublog.  The QSO has now been confirmed in Clublog.

This was a milestone QSO - for the third DXCC and a memorable one

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