Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TY2AC Benin and TZ4AM Mali for QRP DX Marathon

I have seen the TZ4 lurk around the bands but either have not the opportunity or not have the propagation with my 5 watts.  This time it was different.   He was fairly strong maybe 569 and working split 1 up on 20m and it took but a few calls.

TY2 was altogether different.  He was perhaps S4 on 17m but the noise floor was low.  He just kept working stronger stations.   I kept trying until he announced he was going QRT.  Having announced that he worked a couple more stations leaving me wanting.  I walked away for about 30 minutes and saw a fresh spot - he was back and started working stronger stations.  He was working simplex and my signal was being stepped on time after time - then part of it made it through.  He responds NY4 NY4? in CW.   I replied with my call TNX UR 599 OP ARIEL 73 and he replied I was 579 and that he was Nico and said TU 73.  

Two more to add to my Marathon collection.

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