Friday, October 14, 2016

Video Demonstration - Remote Control of a K2

A short 5 minute video showing how establish a connection for audio and remote control of an amateur station connected to the internet.  This is legal within the rules established by the FCC for radio amateurs.  The radio is a K2/100 with a KAT100 autotuner.   The remote computer is an old Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 7.   The control computer in this case is Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.  I can also connect to the remote computer with Surface tablet running Windows 10.  The rig is connected to the Dell via the Serial RS232 port.  Keying is via the internal keyer in the rig.  I can also run N4PY but a lot of the functionality for the autotuning will not be available.  Also a USB port would have been necessary for CW keying.   That is the beauty of the K2S software by Dahn Le which was written in 2002 because it has all the functionality of the radio - just remotely.

The audio is via Skype and the remote connection is established via Teamviewer 11.  The shack is powered up remotely via the internet through the remote computer during the remote connection.

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