Thursday, March 15, 2018

New ATNO #309 4B4B Revillagigedo, More New Ones on 80m and 160m

Interesting DXpedition - appears to be only SSB and only one Op.   I was able to make contact on 20m 14.225 on March 6 at 23:39.  This was one of those times where I had to dig for a microphone buried in my junk drawer.  I had to wipe the cobwebs off of it.

80m continues to be a productive band.
#154 3C3W Equatorial Guinea on 03March
#155 Z2LA Zimbabwe on 05 March
#156 XR0YD Easter Island 05 March
#157 TY7C Benin on 09 March
#158 TN5R Republic of the Congo on 10 March
#159 3C0W Annobon 13Mar

On 160m - CU2DX Azores confirmed in LOTW for #115.

Got new ones on 160m
#116 XR0YD - Easter Island
#117 TN5R - Republic of the Congo.    Solar wind effects killed 160m propagation.  It took all kinds of tricks - diversity receive and audio peaking filter to dig the really weak signal out

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