Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Trans Continental Distance Personal Best (MILES PER WATT)

New Transcontinental Personal Best- 

I had to a call a second time to break my personal best with margin (previous best 9800 MPW from NY4G to CE2AWW)

First Call NY4G to HA3NU - Hungary 4982 miles with 1/2 watt or 9964 MPW 0131 UTC
Second Call signed as VY2AJ/W4 to HA3NU - same 4982 miles with 0.4 watt or 12455 MPW 0145 UTC  (VY2AJ is my Canadian Call Sign)

Third Call Signed as NY4G/QRPp to HA3NU - same 4982 miles with 250mW or 19928 miles per watt @ 0154 UTC

HA3NU asked me how much power I was running - I told him 250mW.  He asked me what kind of antenna - I told him dipole at 60 feet.  His comment was that my signal was super steady  - gave me a 559 report

Made it to US Virgin Islands with 1 Watt on 160m CW.   NY4G to NP2J 1621 miles per watt

The previous days resulted  in Intra-Continental Personal Best

NY4G to W2EG 684 miles with 100mW  6840 miles per watt (40m CW)

Tried hard to beat it - but all I got was the following (40m CW)

NY4G to EI5KF 3685 miles with 5W
NY4G to WB8WKQ 542 miles with 100mW 5420 miles per watt
NY4G to W2RR 567 miles 100mW - 5670 miles/watt
NY4G to HB9CVQ 4522 miles 5 Watts
NY4G to K9OM 434 miles 100mW 4340 miles per watt
NY4G to N6AR 456 miles 100mW 4560 miles per watt
NY4G to NA8V 552 miles 100mW 5520 miles per watt
NY4G to LZ1KPO 5354 miles 1 Watt 5354 miles/watt
NY4G to N8OO 636 miles 100mW 6360 miles/watt

Till K1RM came along
NY4G to K1RM 687 miles 100 mW 6870 miles per watt 40m CW

Made it to Ireland with 1 Watt on 80m CW.   NY4G to EI5KF 3685 miles (confirmed in LOTW)

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