Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Receive Antennas at NY4G

Some really interesting references:





At NY4G's Station are two reversible beverages on ground (RBOGs).  Both a re 200 feet long. with RG6 feedlines.  These replace the K9AY that I used to have.  These use the KD9SV feedline and reflection transformers.    The antenna switch will be the receive antenna switches from HiZ and the pre-amp for 160m and 80m are from KD9SV

A short video showing the performance of the beverage against the transmit antenna - inverted L.  One can hear that with such a weak signal, on the inverted L, the signal is buried in the noise and indistinguishable.  It is a much better copy on the beverage.

The following video gives an idea of  the front to back ratios between the different directions.  The DX station is 3B8XF in Mauritius some 10000 miles away and the bearing is 75 degrees.  The DX Op is Nigel Cawthorne G3TXF and a very very good CW Op.  The northeast beverage should be the strongest and it is. The inverted L signal is very strong, although the noise is higher, the signal overwhelms the noise.  The F/B ratio is about 12 dB or perhaps a little bit better is my estimate.

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