Monday, December 2, 2013

#211 DXCC Lakshadweep Islands

I have been trying to work this Dxpedition for a few days now.  Today they seemed especially strong on the ZS6BKW multiband dipole.  I had just a few minutes to work them before I had to leave.  I seemed to be having a knack at putting the VFO where the DX is listening today.  It was a little comical though that when he finally called - I was not ready to answer.  I had the keyer programmed to call  but not to answer.  The keyer was in reverse when I tried to answer with the paddle - so that was not too pretty.  I managed to key a 599 5 with the keyer programed to answer for the CQWW DX contest.  He acknowledged my clumsly answer and moved on.  I was running the linear at about 800 watts.

Later in the evening, WM4AA texted me and said he was on 40m and that he just worked him.  I had to turn the audio filters on to reduce the static.  I was able to get him on the second round after working Senegal on 30m.  I QSY'd back down to 40m and turned on the amp.

Got them on a third band 17m on Saturday morning 12/7/2013

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