Thursday, December 12, 2013

#214 DXCC Republic of Korea DS2XUM

I was having a QSO with N0TR when a Philippines station DU2US popped up on the cluster on 15m.  I QSY'd to the frequency and he was very faint.  I had been trying to work the South Korean station with no luck on 17m.  I went back to where the South Korean station was on 17m and this time he was stronger.  He only a few callers and I waited my turn.  I called him and he answered with a signal report.  I thankedhim and gave him his althouh I was not completely sure he copied me.  I checked in Clublog and he confirmed our contact there.  He also uploads to LOTW.

12/13 Update:  He just confirmed me in LOTW

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