Saturday, December 7, 2013

#212 and #213 DXCC Haiti and Gabon and Number 118 QRP-DXCC

TR8CA was working a huge pileup on phone.  He started out simplex and then split and again simplex.  I was able to get through on the third go-around simplex.  I could not not beat the other stations with 500 watts - not getting through the stronger stations.  I re-peaked the Drake L4B for 1000+  watts and finally got through.  The station op Alain speaks French, Spanish , Italian and of course English.  Haiti was a surprise bonus from the contest of a couple of weeks ago HH2/K4NHW.  Both were on 15m

It was good day for radio contacts.  The Hexbeam was working very well.

GI100RSGB - Special event station in Northern Ireland commerating 100 years of RSGB - Radio Society Great Britain.  I called this station twice 20 minutes apart.  Once it was at 1000 watts and the next time at 10 watts.  Both were SSB QSO's.  I was completely readable at 10 watts.  The key is to try to make the call when no one else is calling.

Also picked up St. Lucia and Estonia at 5 watts J6/N9AW and ES4QR.

Picked up the Lakshadweep Dxpedition on a third band on 17m

VU3KPL - India station on 17m

C3IBO - Andorra Station on 17m

Made a couple of phone contacts into England and Wales which were new ones for 17m.

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