Monday, December 2, 2013

Number 115 QRP DXCC 5R8IC Madagascar

I saw Madagascar pop up on the cluster.  Turned the VFO to where he was calling and he was surprisingly loud.  I know the routine that when the DX is S9 on the meter he is workable QRP even though he is 9000 miles away.  Sure enough - one call at 5 watts and he came back.  A few minutes later I called him again for an insurance QSO and he answered again.  The op was "running barefoot" on a TS450 and a Hexbeam on 20 meters and operating "holiday style" - that is no online log.  He will also be in LOTW. .  I worked him on the K2 with the dial all the way down to 5 watts and the amp on bypass.  Propagation is still doing its magic.

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