Saturday, October 25, 2014

DXCC on 80m - New Line of Sight to 101

The following are now confirmed in LOTW. These include

#89 Australia VK2GR
#90 Guatemala TG9NX
#91 Montserrat VP2MMN
#92 Saudi Arabia 7Z1HL
#93 Sierra Leone 9L1A
#94 Kaliningrad UA2FL
#95 St Kitts V47JA

The story for the remainder:

 #96 Lord Howe Island VK9DLX - This is a sure one as they show me in their on-line log. Working this one was at 5 AM and I could only hear them on the 80m 4 square using the RHR Station at W2/Quaker

 #97 Madagascar 5R8M - This was just yesterday on 80m CW - he was a lone ranger operating CW during the CQWW DX SSB Contest. Everybody was on phone and he had a manageable pileup. The K9AY really shone here for copy.  Request sent.

 #98 Nauru C21GC- My first contact using the K9AY receiving antenna. This one is a sure bet as they have me in their on-line log

 #99 Jamaica 6Y3M - Josh finally sent me a card - and included 5 band points for Jamaica

#100 W1AW/KH8 - good and solid on 11/6/2014

 #101 Serbia YT1AA - I sent away for a card but this one might take a while.

Line of sight now to getting 100 confirmed.  Working on Tromelin

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