Sunday, October 12, 2014

K9AY Loop is Up and Running

That is all that is visible of the two loops at right angles.  The peak is hanging from a tree at 25 feet.  Each loop is comprised of 85 feet of wire.  The NEMA box contains the relays that reverses the termination of the loops and has selectable terminating resistors selectable in the shack control box.  The control box also has a 16 dB preamp as well as a 1700-5000  Hz band pass filter.  The band pass filter is switched on with the preamp.  The loop direction is selectable in the control box.  The combination of the loop direction as well as the terminating resistor optimizes the null of the noise sources (QRN, broadcast stations, etc) that is to be minimized.  On 160 meters a 40 dB front to back ratio is typical.

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