Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three All Time New Ones - Seychelles, Nauru and Western Kiribati

I woke up early o October 7 thinking that I would hear Alaska on 80m.  The bands were empty except for T30D - Western Kiribati with a small pileup.  He was S1 just peeking out of the noise floor.  There were a bunch of loud W4 stations trying to call above him on his split listening range but he was not working any of theme.  The callers were about 2-3 kHz up and I was 1 kHz up.  He appeared to be working (at least from my vantage point) weaker stations.  I was running 500 watts on the KPA500.  With a  couple of calls he returned to me.  I showed up in his log in Clublog a couple of days later.

Nauru C21GC was much easier to work and I was able to get him on 30m and 80m.  I would like to get T30D on 80m as well.  T30D is spotted early mornings on 80m.

Seychelles S79KB was on 20m CW on October 6.

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