Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FT4TA Hot New Dxpedition - Broke the 250 barrier - Tromelin in LOTW

The first few days were discouraging with the QRM, band cops and lids.  Maybe things are beginning to settle down.  I picked up two bands and two modes - 17m phone and 20m RTTY.  I will try for 80m CW tomorrow.     For those of you on the east coast - propagation into the Carolinas is best between 22 UTC and 2 UTC across the bands.   For the low bands - it is best between 0 UTC and 2 UTC - Good Luck!!!  Bonus - FT4TA logs are now in LOTW and I did not have to send $2 by Paypal.  Free -  wow almost makes the lids and band cops worth it.


  1. Congratulations on FT4TA. The pileups have been unbeliveable. Much to a lot of people's surprise, contacts are already uploaded to LoTW! 73 de W4FC