Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just Confirmed Andaman VU4KV on Clublog

ND7J just texted me with the good news.  Me, along with Bill N4IQ and ND7J were confirmed in Clublog.  Timing is everything in this game.  I missed the window on 30m when N4IQ told me that VU4KV was loud and I was still mobile.  I noticed them spotted on SSB a few hours later.  They were weak.  Putting on the pre-amp just made things worse.  I scanned the beam around for maximum signal strength.  I looked hard for the station he was working.  There was a small window during which he got strong and the station he was working was also strong.  He was listening on 14240 while being on 14185.  I felt a warm sweat of excitement.  No jammers  this time to spoil things.  I had the L4B set up for maximum output.  I figured I had five minutes or so before the band closes.  I called four times and heard me - norway yankee four germany five nine.  I mumbled the reply.  Excitedly, I called N4IQ on 2m and asked him if he could hear VU4.  It turned out he just worked him also.

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