Monday, November 10, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin is Now History

Yesterday I caught the tail end of the pileup on 20m and the chasers were still going strong.  At about 0100 UTC 11/10/14, the band went silent.  The DX was no more.  The night before we managed to get friend WM4AA into the log.  The pileups on 20m were huge, 25 kCs up.  One guy on the cluster posted - 20 hours for one QSO.  WM4AA said he never worked so hard to get the one contact, and that contact was tenuous at best.  It was nice to get a couple of solid ones early.  I was disgusted at first by the behavior of the North American hams chasing this DX, with all the QRM, jamming and language, and even on CW.  In this hobby though, you can not be fazed by bad behavior.  K4SV kept spurring us on along with Rosie Lamb W4NL from NCDXCC.  She was a real trooper getting 17 band slots

So far the following Greer Club members have made it into Tromelin's log

K4SSM Ron Malone
W4FC Paul Greaves
K4BUW George Hall
N0TR Tom Rouse
N4IQ Bill Chartier
NY4G Ariel Jacala
K4SV Dave Anderson (18 band slots)

It is also notable that newbie DXr and friend ND7J made it three times into the log

It may be another 15 years before we see another attempt at another expedition into this small island (1 square kilometer) around Madagascar.

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