Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heard Australia This Morning on 160m

VK3XQ was spotted earlier and there were callers when I arrived.  I tried to get my call in there but was simply outshouted by the others.  They were probably running legal limit compared to my 500W.  The DX was S3 with the preamp and the noise floor was S1 so he was copyable,  I can tell he had trouble hearing as the callers were well over S9 from my QTH and kept asking for fills.  They had an S unit advantage over me.  They were probably barely above the noise floor on the other end.  As for me, I was probably buried in the noise.  It was good to know that I can hear signals out that far on the K9AY.  

Here is the basic antenna I was using and is a modification of the basic inverted L with quarter wave elevated radials. The elevated radials were 9 feet off the ground.  The feedpoint is also elevated - perhaps a foot above the ground plane - so basically the same level.

The EZNEC model was remarkably accurate in predicting the SWR dip.

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