Thursday, November 24, 2016

More Stations for QRP DX Marathon

This week of Nov 13 has been pretty productive with ZD8W Ascension Island as new DXCC, SU9VB Egypt another new DXCC and a new Zone (34)..  Antartica RI1AND was booming in on 20m.  I did not need Antartica for new DXCC but I did need it for new Zone (29).   So here we are on day 322 with 43 days to go.  I am hoping to get 20 more DXCC and at least 3 more zones.  To be realistic -  Zone 19, 22, and 23 should be doable.

On Friday (Day 323) - while logged in remotely - bagged 5N/PA3TG on 20m CW.  The Nigerian station was pretty strong into the east coast.  He was slow but very deliberate with very good ears.

On Saturday (Day 324) - added Sardinia IS0HQJ.  I did not need Central African Republic but I worked Ken TL8AO on 20m as he was coming in strong from Africa.   It took a few tries to narrow down his QSX frequency to get into his log.   This is at least a new band and QRP to boot.

On Sunday (Day 325) added Zambia 9J2BO.  This was on 40m CW - I was just barely above the noise floor as he dug me out and gave me a 339 report.

The following week

On Tuesday (Day 327) added Tanzania 5H1WW on 15m CW.   Propagation was just starting to set in from Africa early in the day.   Propagation on 40m became really long during the evening hours as I was able to add Asiatic Turkey TA3/LZ3ND, Suriname PZ5V and as a bonus I was able to work VO2NS (Nazair) - Zone 2 - long missing on 40m to fill in that needed band zone combination for 5 Band Worked All Zones.

Thursday (Day 329) - Thanksgiving Day - added Cyprus 5B4AJC - really strong on 20m S9+

Friday (Day 330) - added Trinidad and Tobago - 9Y4/VE3EY on 40m CW.

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