Sunday, November 13, 2016

Updated Shack Photo

Here it is crammed to a small space.  The newest addition to the stable is a Kenwood TS480SAT with the control head near the StationPro2.   This is the rig I plan to remote using Remoterig by Mikrobit for Christmas.   Right now I can perform remote operation using "remote desktop" software LogMeIn or TeamViewer which is limited to CW only on the K2.   I can control power from 100 milliwatts to 500 watts using the K2.  I use N4PY as the control software for the K2.   I don't have an amplifier keying cable for the Kenwood TS480 yet and the serial cable to enable CAT operation is on order.  I will use Kenwood's ARCP-480 software for the TS480.  For the KX3, I plan on using Win4K3.   Turning it on is is a bit of chore and I plan to do it with some trepidation since I will apply 12V into Ring 1 (PTT) of the Mic plug using a Canakits USB operated relay.   I was assured by Elecraft that this will work.  I have to be certain I don't apply 12V to the tip of the Mic plug.  The computer chores are done by a CDO tower with 2 serial ports and 8 USB ports.   All the USB ports are used up in some sort of fashion

Serial 1 - K2
Serial 2 - TS480SAT
USB - KAT500
USB - KPA500
USB - RRC Rotator Control
USB - Powerstrip to Turn On Shack Power Supplies
USB - Snowball Microphone
USB - Computer speaker

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