Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Worked Liberia EL2DT - while logged in remotely

I usually keep a browser window on a DX Cluster site which I check once in a while for workable DX.  I saw EL2DT spotted once in the morning on 20m CW but quickly went away.  Late afternoon, I saw him again spotted and this time more stations are spotting him, not just the automated skimmers.  Within about 2 minutes I was logged into my home station turning the VFO to to his TX frequency.  And there he was - loud and clear as a bell working station after station simplex.  I swing the yagi to 95 degrees by clicking on the icon on my computer and saw the indicator swing around to bearing 95.   He is even louder now working split up 1.  The transmitter is set at 5 watts.  I send my call twice.  He responds immediately.  Here is a photo of Dickson Tarnue - EL2DT.

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