Saturday, November 26, 2016

Propagation and Station Entitlement

It is interesting how the double peaks of Cycle 24 coincide with the double peaks of the ATNO DXCC I worked for the corresponding year.    Considering how modest my station is in terms of antenna systems and power levels, I have done well.  But I am afraid that my station capability combined with my skills have reached entitlement.   With the propagation of Cycle 24 - 300 DXCC is probably all that this station is entitled to max out at.   Any antenna upgrades I can do is limited because of my HOA situation and limited land.  This same station in Cycle 23 however could have probably reached Honor Roll - all things being equal.  In Cycle 23, propagation makes up for a lot of station shortcomings.  How I may have done in Cycle 23 speculative, and a fruitless one at that since I cannot turn back time and enter the amateur ranks 15 years earlier.  In the mean time - I will try the few ATNOs I can still muster from this station and perhaps reach 305.  Chasing DXCC can still be a lot of fun through the DX Marathon as stations are on a more level playing field (various classes of power and antennas), dealing with the same propagation we are all dealt with.  Everybody gets a fresh start as the clock turns over at the first of the year.

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