Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#221 DXCC West Malaysia and #120 QRP DXCC Antartica

First the #120 QRP DXCC.  This was a double bonus.  I worked the station DP1POL a German Amateur station in the South Pole first on 20m.  Then he reappeared on 40m except he was much louder.  He was working a pileup.  And I said, what the heck, I will try him with 5 watts and just sent the letters /QRP a few KC's below where most everyone else is calling from.  I know I can't compete against the guys who send a kilowatt.  Well what do you know, he eventually wandered to where I was and asked QRP?  I called back with my full call /QRP and came back to me with a 559 report. SO this was a shade below 1700 miles per watt.  QRP DXCC confirmations are now up to 96.

#221 DXCC is West Malaysia 9M2MRS also on 40 meters.  40 meters had been very long tonight and this was a wire - ZS6BKW - and it was resonant on 40.  I did call him with the Drake L4B backing up the K2/100 with a Kilowatt.  He confirmed me the next day on LOTW.

With both these contacts, brings me up to 93 confirmed on LOTW..  I also have 6 additional cards in my possession for new confirmations on 40m which would bring my total up to 99 DXCC.  So I would just need one more confirmation for 40m DXCC with a DXCC application using cards.

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